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Upcoming movies

This year has a lot of movies that I’m really looking forward to.  Aside from the superhero ones (is there anybody who isn’t at least somewhat interested in seeing The Dark Knight Returns?), there are a couple, that have just released trailers in the past few days, that look promising.

First, is Prometheus, due to be released on June 8.  Even before I had seen any trailers, I was excited about this film.  Ridley Scott creating a prequel to Alien was interesting enough, but the cast is great too.  I loved Noomi Rapace in the Swedish Millennium Trilogy, and from the previews, it looks like she’ll be playing another strong female character here.  I was also excited to see that Idris Elba is a part of the cast because he’s amazing on Luther.  Plus, Michael Fassbender (although I’m assuming that he will spend more time clothed in this than some of his previous films), Guy Pearce, Charlize Theron…

The promo campaign for Prometheus has been great.  The earlier previews didn’t reveal a lot about the plot, but the new trailers reveal a lot more.  You can see the trailer here: Prometheus Extended Trailer.  The more interesting videos, however are the viral videos, the first featuring Guy Pierce’s character giving a TED talk.  The newly released on is even more intriguing, featuring Michael Fassbender in what seems to be a commercial selling his android to the public.

Another movie that I’m looking forward to is Looper, which isn’t due out until September 28.  This film reunited the star (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and director (Rian Johnson) of one of my favorite films, Brick. The premise as far as I know is that Joseph Gordon Levitt is futuristic assassin.  He works for the mob in 2042 by killing targets that are send back in time to him from the year 2072.  However, he recognizes his latest target as himself and ends up allowing him to escape, setting in motion, I’m assuming, the plot.  His older self is played by Bruce Willis.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for time travel, thanks to my Doctor Who obsession, but I think this one could be good. The Looper trailer and teasers can be seen here.

And, just for good measure, I’m going to throw a random trailer for Woody Allen’s new film, which, being a big Woody Allen fan, I’m looking forward to seeing.  It was originally called The Bop Decameron, which was then changed to Nero Fiddled when someone decided that audiences wouldn’t know what the Decameron was.  Now the title has changed once again to the much more generic To Rome with Love.  I guess it’s been decreed that whenever possible the name of the location should be in the title of Woody Allen movies (see Midnight in Paris, Vicki Christina Barcelona, Manhattan…), to make sure the audience isn’t confused. Still it has a great cast, so I’m hoping this will be one of his better efforts.


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