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“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.”  If you know who wrote that, then I like you already.  I thought it seemed appropriate for this blog, since I’m sure it’s an accurate description of what I will be writing about.  I’m not going to attempt to pretend that I will be writing about profound topics, just the stuff that interests me.  And, knowing how I spend my time, I’m sure there will be a fair amount of posts about movies and Doctor Who.  My biggest accomplishment of the past year: watching all the films of Woody Allen.  My goal for this year: to have seen every Doctor Who episode in existence. The bigger life goal is to find a job, but the odds of me returning to work in the near future seem slim, so I’m focusing on more achievable goals.  I know that I probably should spend more time here introducing myself, but I think I’ll let the posts speak for themselves.  You’ll probably learn a lot more about me that way than I would ever write in an introduction.  And, you’ll probably get a clearer picture because I really believe that nobody really sees him or herself the way that other people do.  Now I’m starting to wander off the topic of what this blog is about, so I think that’s a sign for me to wrap it up.


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